Friday, 24 February 2017

National CSA sign up day

Stam Farms market share treasures
 Today is the PERFECT day to sign up for a season of local bounty at a local farm!

What is a CSA?  Community supported agriculture, which is a partnership between you the consumer and the farmer as the grower.  A typical CSA share is paid for in advance, and in return throughout the growing season you will receive a basket of gorgeous produce weekly, bi weekly etc. 

Will I get to choose what is in my CSA share?  Each farm runs their program differently.  Some do offer flexibility and choice with items in the share allowing you to select your preferred greens, roots etc according to what is available.  Other farms put together the same shares for everyone. 

How much produce is in each share?  This varies farm to farm!  Most have at least 2 size options to suit each person or family’s needs.

Why do we have to pay up front?  Paying for the CSA ahead of time allows the grower to cover up front costs of purchasing seed, growing seedlings and planting while securing the farmers income for season regardless of environmental or natural factors.  Drought last year saw many farmers abandoning lesser than crops in order to save others.  Not all farms require up front payment, some may take a payment plan or accept monthly installments.  None the less the CSAs were full of what fared well for each farmer, I know ours certainly were! 
Gorgeous Matchbox Garden share

Farming grueling work – think of how hot it was last summer here in Southern Ontario and imagine working the fields harvesting in that heat!  Seriously, thank a farmer today if you can and better yet support them with a CSA commitment this year! 


Here are some of the beautiful farms I follow that offer CSAs in and around the greater Hamilton area.  If I have missed you let me know and I will happily add your farm to the list. 

Honest Field Farms – Hamilton

Manorun Organic Farm – Lynden

Matchbox Garden - Caledonia

 Plan B Organics - Branchton

Stam Farms – Hagersville – CSA (Market share) is now FULL for 2017 but will have farm gate produce and other goodies for sale

Tree and Twig – Wellandport – CSA is now FULL for 2017 but produce may be available, call and ask.

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