Monday, 1 May 2017

Cannon Coffee Co.

 Ahhh the Cannon!  I really do love this place <3 .  Typically I pop in for a latte and a treat (the muffins and cookies are delicious) before a walk at Gage Park with the dog.  The vanilla and maple lattes are wonderfully warm, smooth and just sweet enough!  I am also a huge fan of the cold beverage options year round.  Sometimes a latte on ice is just what I need on a mild winter day.
Latte love

We headed to Cannon Coffee Co. this morning for a brunch treat at my daughters request to celebrate her sixth birthday.  After all, who am I to argue with a feisty kindergartener?!  So off we went mid morning in hopes we would find a table.  If ever you have been there you will know it is always hopping and finding a seat can be a challenge.  As luck would have it, there was indeed a spot for us, it was a birthday miracle ;) .
The California Sandwich

As always the food was delicious!  We had the California Sandwich, Black Forest Sandwich and the little humans shared a Classic Waffle with chocolate sauce.  The kids received theirs first which is always a bonus since they lack patience like most children their age do and ours came soon after.  Zero complaints, it was all fabulous.

There is such a pleasant vibe in the shop.  It's easy to feel through the friendly service, lovely music in the background and the hum of chatter from the other patrons.  And the smell of coffee and waffles - so good!  Another plus is quality ingredients - they truly care about using carefully sourced products so you can feel good about what you are eating or sipping on.

The Cannon Coffee Co. is a small business I am so happy to have found!  I very much look forward to seeing what the future holds for this darling little place and the wonderful women who own it!

Happy waffle eating! ;)

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