Friday, 24 February 2017

Mela Bath

Coco Coffee Scrub - one of the first products
There are so many wonderful businesses in the greater Hamilton area that do not have brick and mortar locations, one of my favourite is Mela Bath!  Mela Bath offers a variety of natural handmade bath and body products – things like shea butter soaps, lip balm, make up remover, bath truffles and bath salts! 

I have known Melanie since grade school and she has always been a strong and ambitious individual so it didn’t surprise me when she launched her first creation, a body scrub, via Facebook!  She was looking for a natural product she could make to both use and gift to friends and family for Christmas.  With 3 scents she shared her new found love and in three weeks sold 800 jars of her homemade body scrubs!

After the boom of the scrubs Melanie found herself looking for a natural solution to help her sons cradle cap.  The typical go to’s with their unpronounceable ingredients just weren’t going to cut it so she went to work.  With a combination of coconut oil and other natural goodies she created her froth!  This hydrating product was tried out by several friends and family with positive results so Melanie launched it and it took off too!

As time went on bath bombs became another signature product, the scents are abundant and ALL wonderful.  My children love the little “ice cream scoops” for their bath, in fact it’s the only way my son will get in to the tub without a fight.  The sangria scented bath bomb is a favourite of Melanie’s and I too am a huge fan! 
A Bath Bomb "Scoop" in bubble gum scent

Melanie is always coming up with new things and now has a wide variety of products available with more to be added in the near future.  My absolute favourite product is the vanilla whipped body butter, it is AH-MAZING along with the coconut coffee body scrub!  I love the clay face masks as well which are one of the newer additions to her collection.

The Mela Bath website is user friendly and all products have in depth descriptions.  As an added bonus there is delivery with a minimum purchase which is fantastic for those who are too busy or can’t get out and about!

I love that all of the products can be used on every family member safely and as a double bonus all of the prices are incredibly reasonable.  The bath bomb scoops are only $1.50!  

If you ask Melanie what truly inspires her, she will tell you her son and growing family.  She began this journey on mat leave hoping to create safer products for her new bundle of joy and other loved ones and discovered a passion she now shares with hundreds of customers.  I think that’s pretty awesome right there.

Happy Friday!

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