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Cake & Loaf Bakery

The patio of Cake & Loaf Dundurn on a sunny day
I discovered this AMAZING bakery winter of 2015 after a visit with my family to the Mustard Seed Co-op.  As we were about to check out I noticed this super cute chocolate bar stand and I’m a sucker
for chocolate so I had to try a chocolate Peanut Butter bar.  Waiting to eat it wasn’t an option; I opened it as soon as we got in to the car.   It was instant love – the BEST chocolate bar I had ever eaten.  I saved the tag so I could look up this wondrous place where these were created when we got home.
Jensen Cheddar, iced caramel latte and essential button ;)

After finding Cake & Loaf with the help of social media I knew I had to check out the shop on Dundurn in person – the upbeat vibe and beautiful pictures were more than enough to draw me in.  My first visit was wonderful!  The counter staff is phenomenal.  Helpful, patient and the barista skills outstanding!  My personal favourites are salted caramel lattes (iced or hot) and the Dundurn fog is perfection.

One of the things I love and appreciate most about this fantastic bakery is their commitment to the community through supporting local businesses as much as possible and fair trade when it’s not.  So many wonderful local treasures are used behind the scenes and are for sale on the shelves in store – places such as Teal’s meats, Parkermanns fine tea, Vintage and Detour coffees, From these Roots, and Jensen cheese.  There is nothing better than biting into a sweet treat or a satisfying savoury snack that you know was baked using the kindest ingredients, from scratch and with love!
Awesomely talented staff member Amanda

Another thing I think is wonderful is living wage for the employees!  That is so hard to find in the service industry and as a former customer service employee I know this all too well.  It’s uplifting to know that the employees are cared about and not just another number doing their time.

The new Cake and Loaf website is super user friendly and you can see what menu items are available each day making it easy to snag your favourite lunch or bread selection!  The new cake builder is also awesome and helpful for planning that special cake for celebrating anything and everything.  I have also had fantastic help via email with cupcakes and beverages for a party, ordering special cookies and placing same day holds over the phone.  

After being a regular of Cake and Loaf for over a year now I have tried many different things and not once have I been disappointed.  They are constantly creating new and exciting menu additions in both the sweet and savoury departments – Hello Mac and Cheese Pulled Pork pie which is nothing short of scrumptious and that Unicorn bar… SO good!  Our most purchased items are the take home soup jars in the fall and winter (nothing is more comforting than a big bowl of homemade soup), Jensen Cheddar bread (makes the best grilled cheese on the planet) and chocolate chip cookie packs!  My children LOVE the pizzas and cookies. 
Some of the market treats

I frequent the Dundurn shop but Cake and Loaf Market (located in the Hamilton Farmer's Market)– new this year!- is their sister shop and perfect companion with its own flavour!  Breakfast burritos are delicious and the waffles on a stick offered Friday’s and Saturday’s would steal anyone’s heart!

Every occasion in this house involves a little Cake and Loaf from birthdays, to holidays and teacher gifts they have something for everyone!  I am so happy to have discovered Cake and Loaf, I admire the drive of Josie and Nickey and enjoy interacting with the exceptional staff.  I look forward to watching the business grow in the years to come! 

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PSA:  This Saturday September 17, 2016 Cake & Loaf is celebrating their 5th Anniversary!  Check out their facebook or Instagram for details :) 

Grab and go cakes & other sweets
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