Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Matchbox Garden

The new sign at the farm

This Thursday will mark week 15 of Matchbox Garden’s CSA program!  We pick up our regular sized share Thursday’s at the farm in Caledonia and although there is a list sent out to select choices weekly, it still feels like a pleasant surprise unpacking the bag!  Occasionally items are substituted because nature hasn’t co-operated and certain items are no longer thriving come harvest but generally what you choose from the list is what you get. 

The options look something like this for a regular sized share:
Cooking Greens – choose 1 – swiss chard -1 bunch, sweet potato leaf -1 bunch, turnip tops-1bunch
Salad Greens –choose 1 –Arugula 1/4lb, baby beet greens-1 bunch, baby pok choy-1 bunch
Herbs & Flowers-choose 1- Mixed herb bunch, peppermint-1 bunch, edible flowers-1/2 pint, spearmint-1 bunch
Roots-choose 3-Beets tri colour -1 bunch, new potatoes-purple Russian-1 pint, Potatoes-white-1 pint, beets red-1 bunch, new potatoes-fingerling-1 pint, French turnip-1 bunch Cucurbit Family-choose 1-zucchini-1pint, patty pan squash-1pint, lemon squash-1 pint, early crookneck squash-1 pint, pie pumpkin-1pc, delicata squash-1pc
Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant-choose 2-tomatoes- cherry mixed-1pint, tomatoes-roma-1 pint, tomatoes-salad mix-1 pint, peppers-hot mixed-1/2 pint, tomatoes-field heirloom-1-4pcs, Tomatoes-paste/ketchup-1 pint, sweet peppers-mixed-1 pint
Fruit-choose 2-Pears, honey Bartlett-1 pint, peaches 1 pint, watermelon-1, apples-1 pint
One of the first CSA shares

Everything grown is certified organic with the exception of some low spray fruit sourced from fellow farms.  Hanna is always upfront about these options and they can be omitted should you not want them in your weekly bag. 

Along with being a part of the CSA program I have also purchased Matchbox Garden seeds and seedlings!  I planted an abundance of seeds this past spring that started out well but the helping hands I had liked to water a little too much ;) …Thankfully I was able to replace drowned plants with seedlings full of life from Matchbox Garden! 

 One of my favourite things about being involved in a CSA is meeting those who grow the food we eat.  It is so rewarding to drive up the lane way and be greeted by someone who has taken the time to prepare a selection of foods to feed your family.  If you ask my children where we buy vegetables they will say the farm and that warms my heart!
Evening Colours Sunflower 

Matchbox Garden started in Toronto in 2006 on a small urban lot and branched out to accommodate the farms growing needs utilizing other spaces in the GTA.  Currently the farm operates on their ½ acre property in beautiful Caledonia.  Follow the link below to the Matchbox Garden website below to learn more about the farm's history!  It’s a beautiful site with a fantastic seed catalogue.

The seeds sold by Matchbox are all hand harvested by Hanna!  They are certified organic, open pollinated and fantastic quality.  Heirloom and rare varieties are the focus all of which are full of flavour and add lovely colour to any garden! 

Hanna truly cares about the environment, the plants and all the little beings that play a role in the delicate ecosystem and uses gentle farming methods promoting sustainability.  Her experience is something she shares happily and I appreciate how willing she is to help trouble shoot my personal gardening challenges.  
This years seed order

My family is thankful for a great CSA season with Matchbox Garden.  The drive to the farm is scenic and peaceful, I often make a stop at the river.  Each week we are greeted with a warm smile and a bag full of beautiful vegetables and fruit for us to enjoy throughout the week. 

I encourage everyone I meet to take the time and get to know the farmers who feed their families on some level.  You will be amazed at what the partnership will give you and yours – healthy wholesome food & knowledge to last a lifetime. 

Thanks for Reading! 

Matchbox Garden's website: 

Share from week 14 with extra watermelon and bulk tomatoes

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