Friday, 7 October 2016

Relay Coffee Roasters

Drinks and Sweets to go

Lattes.  I LOVE a good latte.  What I don’t love are lattes from chain stores but living on the edge of the city means a good latte is a fair distance away, or so I thought.  One cold day near winters end I was craving a solid latte but my go to shop was closed, the idea of traveling down the escarpment was really unappealing this day so I used trusty old google to search for somewhere a little closer… and there it was Relay on Concession St.  Now that I could do!  Off my son and I went.
Relay at the Farmer's Market

It was so easy to find, right on the corner of East 23rd and Concession street with metered Parking right out front - and there is a wide parking lane for those like me who need to know what parking is like before venturing to new places.  The coffee shop is adorable with seating for those wishing to sit in and enjoy a cup of something or you can take your favourite beverage to go.

As the delightful barista made my vanilla latte and my sons steamed hot chocolate – which came in the cutest wee cup! – my son was mesmerized by the pour over technique as a fellow patron’s coffee was being made.  I really think that is part of the charm in small coffee shops.  Each and every one has a different technique as does each barista so the flavours from shop to shop are unique.

This past summer was a busy time in my life and I wasn’t able to get out for my favourite drinks often at all.  Relay had offered free delivery one week for their bottled iced beverages, I inquired about the service though I was doubtful as very few places will deliver to our area.  The response was quick and sure enough and it was a yes!  I was thrilled.  When you are a parent (or just busy in life) it’s the little things ;) .
Cold brew delivered

If you are like me and enjoy a sweet treat with your drink Thursday through Saturday Relay has Donut Monster awesomeness!  Treats from Hotti Biscotti, Cake and Loaf and other delicious places can often be found to accompany your drink as well!

What makes Relay extra fantastic is they are one of the shops in Hamilton that roast their own fair trade organic beans.  Spending money on a hand crafted drink that supports not only our local economy but the people who grow the beans feels much better than throwing money into a large corporation.  Not to mention the taste – there is no comparison! 

Relay definitely should be on the “must try list” of everyone in the greater Hamilton area.  Pleasant service, wonderful drinks – what more could one ask for?   If Concession Street isn't close enough Relay is also located in Hamilton Farmer's Market.

Happy Sipping!

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Cold and hot beverages this summer

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