Thursday, 20 October 2016

More than just a latte

This rainy October morning I walked in to Cake and Loaf bakery just as I have 100 times before though today was different, today I am different.  This past Tuesday my I had to say goodbye to my canine companion Toby who has been my best friend for the past 16yrs, my heart is broken.  

Yesterday was a blur as I was swallowed in the shock that follows great loss but today I knew I needed to take a step and venture out.  It was very scary because it meant I had to acknowledge the fact that my old boy wasn’t going to be with us for the drive, nor would he waiting for me at home.  But I did it, my son, 6mth old pup and I got in the truck and off we went.

I pulled into the parking spot and braced myself as I opened the door, knowing this was step two of our adventure – no Toby to say stay to as I took my son from his seat.  We headed in to Cake and Loaf for my usual latte + extras when Amanda (the wonderful store front manager) asked how I was - almost always, I say great – after all I’m about to be sipping on a delicious beverage, how could I be bad?  But today I was honest and admitted my pain and you know what, I am glad I did.  The love I felt was something I really needed, it made me feel human again.  

I spoiled my son with chocolate banana muffins, a candy corn brownie to share and I bought delicious homemade soup because I want comfort food but have no one to make it for me (the Mr cannot cook anything but meatloaf which I despise). I took in the warm shop vibe as I put the lid on my beautiful latte and I walked out the door.

As I drove home I couldn’t help but reflect on the impact small businesses truly have on people.  These places feel warm, inviting and safe.  There is no rush, you can take your time and those serving you will certainly take the time you need.  It isn’t something that can be experienced in a boxed store because even if the cashiers haven’t been weathered by the retail storm they most certainly are required to get that line moving as fast as humanly possible numbing the experience.  There is an exchange that happens when you shop small - more than just monetary – you make a connection vital to the human experience. 

I am no stranger to great loss but this one is hitting me incredibly hard.  Toby was more than just a pet; he was my support, listening ear, comfort and provider of unconditional love.  I feel truly blessed we had each other for as long as we did and will always be grateful for his presence in my life.

Feeling lost and disconnected is something I will be facing for a while but I know that I can count on small business love to help push forward and see the beauty in this world.

My latte was extra special today; it softened the sadness and warmed my soul. <3

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