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Plan B Organic Farms

As a mother to 2 small children, one of whom is still at home full time, I am always on the lookout for ways to save time and reduce excessive spending.  Grocery store shopping is exhausting and often results in extra purchases like non- essential treats or other miscellaneous add-ons that usually go to waste.  Long lines, hurried patrons, too many choices, too many labels – it’s overwhelming and the local options are very limited though some stores are making it more of a priority now. 

One of our recent large shares + extra fruit and lunch box items
I discovered Plan B Organic Farms when they were a little newer and their delivery area wasn’t as large as it is today.  We weren’t able to receive a delivery and the depots near us were out of the way but I continued to keep them in the back of my mind.

Last winter I looked in to Plan B’s CSA share again and to my surprise there were several changes.  They deliver to our area now which is awesome!  They also have a little more flexibility with the box contents, now if there is something you never want in your box like turnip you can say – no turnip ever! 

The Plan B Organic Farms CSA also differs as you can easily pause your subscription for holidays or take a month break if needed.  If for some reason it doesn’t work out you can easily cancel by sending an email request.  Most CSAs are paid up front as well, which for us is too hard to do but Plan B offers flexibility.  We pay weekly for our box with an email transfer - though other payment schedules and methods are available.  
Some of the fruit from this week

There are 2 share sizes small (10 items or so each week) and large (12-14items each week).  Local only is an option or local and imported.  During the growing season local is the focus for both shares and many items are grown by Plan B themselves.  We choose local and imported so in the winter months we have a better variety of fruits and vegetables the kids will eat.

Another great feature is the extras that can be added such as extra fruit and lunch box items.  We opt for both of these things to ensure we have enough to keep the kids happy.  Eggs, spelt wraps, sauerkraut and other goodies can also be added as desired. 

This past week our large local and imported large share was as follows:

Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, baby salad mix, daikon radish, broccoli, mini-cauliflower, beets, red pepper, apples, limes, bok choi, cherry tomatoes, extra potatoes 
Extra fruit:  Pears, cantaloupe, grapefruit
Lunch box:  kiwi, avocado, cucumber

This typically feeds our house of 3 adults and 2 children for most of the week though I am still participating in the Matchbox Garden CSA which rounds out our weekly needs.

Each week our share is delivered (for a minimal fee) in the evening and the kids love unpacking and putting everything away.  As a bonus there is an email that goes out with a list of what’s in the box – fantastic for when you have items you are unsure of!  Along with the details is an update on the farm and recipes that include items from the week’s shares. 

I really enjoy the random foods we receive each week and how it encourages creativity in the kitchen.  There are many foods I never would have tried - like bok choy - if I had never received them!  It is also great to support a hardworking and local business.
A handful of other share items

As an added bonus I started to follow Irene Matys on social media, if you don’t you should!  Irene creates beautiful and tasty dishes using Plan B Organics bounty and other delicious things.  I find her kitchen magic to be wonderfully inspiring!  Irene shares recipes along the way so when share day comes I am extra eager to open the box!

Shopping for produce is a breeze this way and I don’t have to deal with grocery store madness ;) .  It also helps keep our food budget in check.

 We love Plan B and what they have to offer!  

Detailed information can be found on Plan B Organics Website:

Plan B Organics Facebook Page:

Delightful recipes can be found on Irene Matys Website:

Irene's Instagram:

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