Monday, 5 June 2017

Wonderful walks

Wally - Van Wagners beach 

The greater Hamilton area is full of great places to wander solo or with the whole family including our canine companions.  Here is a wee list of a few places we love most!  All of these have ample shade, places to picnic, and plenty of beautiful sights to enjoy.  It was really hard choosing favourites!  Hamilton doesn't lack gorgeous scenery that's for sure.

  • Grand River Caledonia
  • Mountain Brow 
  • Battlefield House grounds 
  • Van Wagners beach 
  • Gage Park 
  • Bayfront Park 
  • Dundurn Castle grounds
  • The arboretum (RBG)
  • Cherry Hill Gate (RBG)
  • Princess Point
  • Dundas Valley

Gage Park

Unplug and surround yourself with nature while exploring the city and surrounding areas this summer.  Your body and mind will thank you!

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