Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Spring projects

Crocuses and bees
The past few months I have been busy getting back to creative things I love!  Especially sewing which I had all but quit when my now 3yr old son was born since I had zero time with 2 little humans under 3!  This past fall I felt the urge to pull out the machine and decided I would get back to it in the new year.

After years of moming - that is not a word but I feel like it should be - I decided to invest in myself by buying a basic serger for my sewing endeavours, a laptop specifically for my writing goals, and I even picked up an open box deal on a Canon camera to help capture the happenings in my world.  I have also started to restock my artistic cupboards with acrylics, canvas board and other random artsy must haves.  Next I hope to make some space for working because our dining room table is pretty cramped these days but one thing at a time ;) .

After a rough 2016, I decided that 2017 was going to be the year I would move forward creatively in all realms that I am drawn to.  The result is one moment I am painter and the next a knitter who is sewing curtains all while singing off key to my spotify playlist.  I love the entire artistic spectrum and really like combining my skills when ever possible.

Some of my favourite recent projects have been for Krista at Harrington Lane Farms Village Shop!  Pop up tea party items, mini easter baskets and a toaster cozy have all headed her to her shop the past two weeks!
Pop up Tea Party set
One thing I have failed to do this spring is start seedlings for our vegetable garden.  I have been far too caught up in making things so I sent my seeds onward to others who will put them to good use!  I plan to purchase our plants from those who actually took the time to follow through with their seed planting instead.

The upside to not planting seedlings is I have space on that dining room table for my other work because yes, that is also where the seed trays typically reside!  Tight quarters over here ;)

Typically I fill all our gardens with as many vegetable plants as I can but this year I am dedicating one of them to wildflowers.  I love looking at wildflowers and cutting bouquets of them to put on that same overcrowded dining room table ;) .

I really hope that the flowers I plant will encourage the bees to get busy.  It saddens me to know they are struggling so greatly, we need them and I hope more people realize just how important they are to all life.  PSA: Plant some flowers this year or vegetables what ever you fancy.  The bees and other beneficial insects will thank you <3 .

The next couple of weeks will find me planning our garden spaces while working on various projects I have been asked to do.  I hope that spring is also treating you kindly!

Happy spring!

40 mini Easter Baskets

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