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Norton Farms

Norton Farms retail shop

It has been quite a while since my last post!  Hectic holidays followed by post holiday sickness kept me pretty busy!  My hope is that 2017 has started well for all of you and may it continue to bring you and yours love, luck and prosperity.

I am often asked how it is possible to feed my family meats from local farms on a single income vs grocery store.  I feel like many of us are under the impression that meats in a conventional grocery store are less expensive.  Sure at times they may be with varying sales, but many farmers with retail shops do their best to offer options for families to save – Norton Farms is one of those shops!

Norton Farms is located in Hagersville – just on the edge of Hartford.  They offer a monthly special, for example they had 10lbs of bacon for $60 one month this past summer.  Burgers, pork chops and ground beef are all other specials I have seen, follow along on Facebook to see what the current special is!

A meat CSA that runs for 4mths at a time is also something that Norton offers.  The CSAs include pork, beef and chicken and offer some flexibility with cuts each month depending on the package you select. 

Bulk beef is also available – which is the best money saver when it comes to beef.  Summer’s draught was hard on farmers, their crops and animals definitely struggle.   Norton Farms offers two beef options, exclusively grassfed or the less expensive grassfed and grain finished beef.  This gives people the ability to choose what is best for their budget and dietary needs. 
Ground beef special, burgers, bacon and chicken breast

Norton Farms also offers 7 different Meat packages regularly available to order.   These offer excellent pricing and each package has different meat and cuts – for example there is a no pork box available for those who would rather do without.

You will find other offerings in the shop – honey, grassfed water buffalo cheese, eggs and maple syrup are all things you can pick up from this little farm shop!

Another fantastic thing about buying from a shop like Norton vs a box store is not only are you helping to support a small family run business BUT you are also buying from an organic and sustainable farming practice.  Sustainability is all about respecting the natural cycle of absolutely everything from the soil microbes right to the animal's natural habits.

It’s true it is a bit of a drive if you are from the city but it is a lovely scenic drive and I think sometimes in life that is just what we need -  a simple trek through the countryside, giving the mind a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Definitely a worthwhile trip if your budget is tighter and you want to eat well. 

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Keep in mind that these small businesses are not typically open every day or until later hours so it`s best to double check on their website to make sure they are open!

Norton Farm's website

and Facebook page

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