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Shop, eat and drink small and local this season

The holiday season is here and with it brings Christmas wish lists, stockings to fill, dinner parties, dining out, coffee catch ups and more!  This year instead of dashing off to a grocery store, hitting up that fast food drive thru or running to a box store to find that perfect gift – consider looking around this wonderful city at all the beautiful shops and restaurants to find what you are looking for.  
Harrington Lane Farms Christmas Breakfast Basket!  Photo Credit: Krista Harrington

For a festive meal this season why not check out the local food options here in the city!  Mattson and Co., Aberdeen Tavern, The Mule and Mezcal are just a handful of the delightfully delicious places to dine.  Skip the typical pizza place and try NaRoma or Bread Bar for their take on the tasty classic.

Rushing around this season you’re bound to feel hungry and most likely will be inclined for typical drive through foods.  That isn’t your only option though!  Several awesome places such as the Burnt Tongue, Mesa, Fsh and Chp and the new Mattson to Go offer delicious eats.  If you are craving a burger try switching it up and ordering from Delirious Burger or Hambrgr.  This type of takeout might be a little more work – you may have to call your order in but well worth it! 

Savoury and sweet trays are a must have for any host or hostess during the holidays!  There are great options to order offered by Harrington Lane Farms and Cake and Loaf bakery.  Bonus is Harrington Lane and Cake and Loaf have plenty of other wonderful gift options to grab while you are there!  

If you’re up for building your own trays or platters The Real Food Market, Locke St. Meat and Deli and The Mustard Seed Co-op are wonderful places to shop for your ingredients.  The Hamilton Farmer's Market also has everything you could need PLUS the Real Food Court where you can grab yourself a bite from Pokeh, Cake and Loaf Market or enjoy some Henry Brown’s Small Batch Ice Cream.
Cake and Loaf Bakery Seasonal Latte

Having your event catered can save a lot of stress and the businesses of Hamilton can cover that too!  Jonny Blonde, Picone Fine Foods and Taylor’s Tea Room are a handful of those who offer this service.

Meeting for coffee or tea to catch up throughout the holidays is always enjoyable!  Hamilton has so many lovely places to grab your favourite beverages!  Relay Coffee, Cannon Coffee Co., Finch on Locke, Vintage Coffee, Mulberry Coffee House and Parkermanns Fine Tea are a few of the great places to swing by with your friends or family!

As far as gifts are concerned there is something for everyone in the city!  Needlework, Handknit Yarn Studio, Quills and Mixed media all offer the creative gift giving solution and so much more. 

Citizen Kid and Barefoot Babies are two excellent places to search for special and quality items for the littlest humans you know!

Burlap and Twine and Simply Zen have plenty of awesome things for that person on your list who could use some relaxation.  Epic Books or J.H. Gordon Books might also have something to help one unwind.
Citizen Kid goodies!

Hotti Biscotti would be a treat to anyone’s stocking which brings me to chocolate - everyone needs chocolate in their stocking!  Forrat’s Chocolates & Chocolate on James are just two of the outstanding places you can find treats for the stocking, to give as a hostess gift or to just eat yourself!

Yellow Dog Grooming can certainly pamper your pooch with a bath and groom!  While Beasley Pet Co has just the right gift for your canine or feline companion.     

I could go on for days rhyming off all of the wicked restaurants and shops in the greater Hamilton area – there are so many I haven’t mentioned but they are all equally fabulous.  The best part is they all offer much more than just what I mentioned them for – most have pre-wrapped gifts, gift certificates, subscriptions, classes, unique confections, specialty drinks, platters, catering it goes on and on – no one trick ponies to be found! 

It is really hard to stray from the boxed stores sometimes especially when your child ONLY wants a Hatchimal…. Which my daughter did and I found for a non-inflated price lucky for her.  But wherever I can this holiday season, I will be shopping, dining and sipping small and local!  I encourage everyone to do the same, the businesses you support will thank you <3

PSA:  Saturday November 26th is small business Saturday!  Skip the mall and head to the sweet shops the city has to offer!

FREE Parking makes shopping small easier!

Lights of Locke Street Festival!  Lots to do while you shop!

Presented by Cake & Loaf Bakery and Community Partners
Supporting a wonderful cause

For those who love links like I do I added a link to each of the above listed businesses!  I hope it helps you find what you are looking for this season!  - Cheers!

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