Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Where I began

Hi!  My name is Jessica. I am an almost 33-year-old mother of two children, ages five and two.  We live on the outskirts of the city with enough space to grow a decent sized garden.  I have a passion for local farms and shops in and around Hamilton, Ontario and am often advocating local foods to anyone who will listen.

The greater Hamilton area has an eclectic selection of eateries, coffee shops and retail space to suit the tastes of everyone.  Nestled along the edge of the city, numerous townships house beautiful farm land—this is where it all starts!   We are so fortunate to have the incredibly important field-to-table element in this area.  It may be seasonal but it can be preserved!
Matchbox Garden's CSA

I began my search for local gems in 2014 after I started to really consider where our food was coming from.  I took my questions online—reading descriptions and FAQs about local farms, coffee shops and eateries.  I looked for sustainable and responsible practices, humanely raised meats, organic practices, fair trade practices and the use of local items when possible.  I would go to these places and buy their offerings, enjoy the environment and usually have a good conversation if I was at a farm!

Stam Farm's Market Share
Our family garden is my contribution to the greater health of my family.  I dream that someday I will be able to feed more than just us!  I have had a garden for years, though this year was the largest with lots of ups and downs.
Our own zinnia

My journey is ongoing and I continue to visit my favourite farms and shops, meeting amazing people along the way.  I am always looking for new places to explore and look forward to growing my list!  My hope for this blog is that it will be a place people can find out about the wonderful treasures in the Hamilton and surrounding area and enjoy them too! 

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